Total Joinery Supplies Provides Customised Services

Total Joinery Supplies Provides Customised Services

Thomastown, Australia – Feb. 5, 2016 – Laz Fogas, owner of Total Joinery Supplies, announced that the full service company offers custom services for homes, businesses and commercial projects. The company has more than 30 years of experience, allowing the specialists to craft unique and innovative solutions for new construction projects and renovations within existing structures. Cabinet Maker Greensborough

“All of our joinery is custom built using the very latest in manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials,” said Fogas.

Total Joinery Supplies specializes in award-winning designs that make optimal use of available space, while providing clients with custom solutions that reflect their own personal style. Odd, unusual and awkward spaces that present décor, design and utilization problems are areas in which the company’s artisans excel.

The company has been called upon for its expertise in high-end residential, commercial and business properties throughout Australia and works with each client from the concept stage to completion. The craftsmen at Total Joinery Supplies perform kitchen and alfresco joinery and provide solutions for bathroom vanities, laundry cabinets and linen storage, open shelving, and wall and entertainment units.

Only materials from major suppliers are utilized to ensure high-quality projects that perform as desired for many years. The company works with joinery for natural and engineered stone, along with a wide variety of specially engineered surfaces. The company provides joinery for quartz countertops and thermoplastic materials for easy care creations that provide quality, functionality and beautify surroundings.

Total Joinery Supplies is skilled in the use of a comprehensive variety of woods, their characteristics and the best joinery method needed for each. A variety of factors influence the type of joinery that’s used, ranging from heat and humidity to cooling and environmental stressors. The appropriate method of joinery ensures that installations remain strong and durable within a variety of applications.

Total Joinery Supplies provides free, no-obligation quotes for projects of all sizes in residential, business and commercial environments. Consumers can contract with confidence knowing the company is a certified registered building practitioner and it guarantees its products and services for seven years. The company maintains five locations for customer convenience and consumers can request a brochure and view some of the company’s projects online.

About Total Joinery Supplies

Total Joinery Supplies maintains locations in Thomastown, Bundoora, Greensborough, Diamond Creek and Eltham, serving customer needs from concept to completion at affordable prices. A quality certified registered building practitioner with over 25 years of experience, the company’s products and services are guaranteed for seven years.

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Address: Factory 1/71 Northgate Dr., Thomastown, VIC 3074

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is Skilled in all Facets of Design and Construction

Landscape Gardener MelbourneMelbourne, Australia – Feb. 5, 2016 – Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides landscape design services for home and offices that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and match the surrounding architecture. The firm offers design, construction and maintenance services for a wide variety of styles ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and classic.

“We work closely with clients to handle all aspects of design, construction and installation,” said Lachie Anderson.

The company is well-known for its clever use of timber decks, paving and retaining walls, along with pools and water features that work to cool hot outdoor environments. The professionals at Lachie Anderson Landscapes are knowledgeable about soils, plants, prevailing weather conditions, and irrigation needs throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas, allowing the experts to create customised landscapes.

As an expert in construction, the company is able to provide lighting, ponds and pergolas, paving options and improve drainage for multiple needs. The company approaches each project with a holistic philosophy that includes restorations, repair of existing landscapes, and options tailored to the environment, always with an eye to clients’ lifestyle and usage.

Landscapes, gardens and even small green spaces are an integral element in any surroundings, providing value and beauty. The company’s landscapes in business venues promote better productivity and offer an oasis of calm in residential areas that are soothing and relaxing.

The affinity between humans and water is well documented and Lachie Anderson utilizes a multitude of design elements to incorporate ponds, pools, water walls and waterfalls of all dimensions. They can be coupled with statuary, specialised plantings, walkways and pergolas to arrive at the desired effect.

Modern landscapes aren’t limited to wide open spaces, nor are they reserved for flowers, trees and bushes. Lachie Anderson Landscapes has utilized innovative design and construction techniques to bring nature indoors. An increasing interest in natural and healthy foods has resulted in the company’s garden designs that feature highly productive vegetable and herb gardens.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes offers a full array of services for landscapes of all sizes and scopes for residential, business and commercial spaces. The company is experienced in all aspects of landscape, garden and construction elements, allowing the firm to incorporate multiple types of plants, water features, and structures for entertaining and relaxation.

For more information, call 03 9822 9970 or email


About Lachie Anderson Landscapes

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.

Creating The Home Garden Of Your Dreams With The Help of A Garden Design Professional

garden-designMost home owners know that their home is their castle, and having excellent surroundings both inside and out is what makes any house a special and more personalized home. Since a home is a place where generations of families grow and change, and a place to entertain and relax, creating a special feeling both inside the home and outside the home can be an wonderful and exciting experience.

For people who are looking for a great garden design for their home,getting professional gardening designer help can be the key to making a home garden a special little bit of personal paradise. Whilst most yards can readily grow some of the more basic plantings, not all soil and topography conditions are the same. Because of this, using the help of a garden design professional can be very important to bring out the very best of a home’s specific yard requirements.

There are often many different and special garden designs that can be created for almost any home. However, having one that matches the contour and special features of a person’s yard and home can be an important part of the process. A garden designer professional knows how to accent the very best of any home and yard. They know how to create a design for that special feeling of paradise for the home. They can discuss all the important features a home owner is looking for and work within their budget to create a personal yard haven.

Home owners who are interested in knowing more about the process of hiring a garden designer professional, should contact us for a personal consultation. We cater directly to home owners in the Melbourne area. With our years of expertise we can guide you through the process of creating the garden of your dreams for your home.


A Luke’s Locks Locksmith Provides Multiple Services for Security

10A locksmith is trained in multiple types of mechanical, digital and electronic locks for home, vehicles and businesses and Luke’s Locks provide individuals with mobile, 24-hour service within most Melbourne suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. The company’s professionals provide convenient services for safety and optimal performance of new and existing systems.

Locksmiths are skilled professionals that often perform a variety of services that many individuals would never suspect. They may work with law enforcement to gain access for surveillance equipment. They install safes, open them when keys and combinations are lost, and ensure they’re installed correctly for insurance specifications. They can also provide locks with keys that can’t be replicated.

The keys supplied with mass produced locks and safes typically obtained from big-box stores are inexpensive, but they can be easily altered to fit locks of the same type. One of the many services offered by a locksmith is providing high-quality locks that provide superior protection against tampering. They also work with unique and unusual keys.

The loss of a key to furniture, filing cabinets, mailboxes and storage sheds can inspire panic for those who can’t gain entry. Even more importantly, the installation of locks and keys in those venues that are unique provides additional safety and security in locations where personal information may located and be at risk.

Most homeowners mistakenly believe that a security appraisal is something that’s only important to big companies. Obtaining a professional assessment by a locksmith is beneficial for domestic and commercial clients to identify gaps in their existing locks and points of egress that are potential risks. Some locksmiths specialise in locks and security systems that utilize magnetic cards and proximity protocols.

Luke’s Locks is experienced with CCTV systems that are highly effective in assisting individuals screen people before they enter premises. The company’s professionals have the skills needed to accurately identify the perfect positioning of the systems for optimum safety and security.

A locksmith at Luke’s Locks has multiple skills and areas of expertise to assess, install, repair and replace locks, keys and systems that keep people and property safe. The 24-hour emergency service offered by the firm ensures that assistance is available for any situation or circumstance.

For more information, call 0424 348 648 or visit Luke’s Locks online.

Tree Removal and Lopping Melbourne Removes Obstacles to Safety of People and Property

Cropped shot of logger slicing tree with chainsawDiamond Creek, Australia – Jan. 16, 2016 –Tree removal and lopping Melbourne services by the certified arborists at Oz Tree Services addresses issues with trees that are diseased, loosely rooted, top heavy, and in danger of falling. Lopping and tree removal is a dangerous process that can easily turn disastrous without the professional expertise and experience available by the company’s experts.

“No one ever wants to remove a tree, but sometimes it’s necessary if it presents a danger to people or property,” said Simon Lamb, owner of Oz Tree Services.

A tree may need to be lopped and extracted for a variety of reasons. It’s a multi-step process in which limbs are carefully cut close to the trunk in preparation for complete removal of the tree. It must be accomplished with the utmost care to prevent damage to structures, vehicles, utilities and surroundings.

Insect damage and disease are two of most common problems the tree removal and lopping Melbourne company addresses. When insects invade a tree, they can install themselves deep within the trunk and limbs, weakening the tree’s structure and opening it to disease and rot from within. In most instances, the damage isn’t evident until the tree has been compromised beyond saving.

Many people plant trees without considering their growth habits. Without proper planning, a five foot tree can quickly grow too large for its allotted space. The planting can interfere with utilities or drainage, be too shallowly rooted to withstand high winds, or cause damage to surrounding structures, necessitating its lopping and removal. Each tree has an average lifespan and may need to be removed when it’s no longer viable.

In some instances, a tree’s branches or canopy may be lopped and the tree allowed to remain standing. A tree that has undergone the process never regains its previous vigorous appearance, though it may form new growth known as suckers. The process opens the tree to increased risk of insects, decay, sun scalding and it often deteriorates to the point where it has to be removed anyway.

Tree removal and lopping Melbourne is a specialty at Oz Tree Services. The full service company provides removal of debris associated with the process and grinds tree stumps below ground level, enabling clients to restore lawns to their previous state, eliminate the potential of injury to people and pets, and provide lawn care without damage to mowers.


About Oz Tree Services

Oz Tree Services provides free quotes for tree removal, lopping and pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding and mulching services, along with tree assessments. The company provides regular maintenance services to keep current plantings aesthetically pleasing, remove damaged trees after storms, and prevent hazards in fire prone areas.


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Address: Diamond Creek, VIC 3084 Australia

Everyday Pest Control Specialises in Termite Control Melbourne

signs-of-termites-2Melbourne, Australia – Jan. 18, 2016 – Everyday Pest Control is a premiere termite treatment Melbourne company, offering inspections, control, prevention, and eradication services. Fixed price quotes, free estimates, humane pest control methods, and techniques that are safe for people and pets are hallmarks of the company’s ongoing commitment to clients.

The company’s pest control professionals are skilled in the application of termiticides that eradicate insect pests, while protecting the health of clients, animals, structures and plantings. The company’s professionals can provide clients with advice, tips and practical information on ways to help avert an infestation, but a pre-emptive treatment plan is the only way to prevent them.

Termite control Melbourne is addressed with Altriset®, a termiticide that begins working within just a few hours of application. Termites exposed to the unique product carry it back to the hive where it’s spread throughout the community.

The treatment provides effective protection for up to nine years. Everyday Pest Control creates customised treatment plans to reflect the unique requirements of the client, the severity of the infestation, and the level of damage that has been done.

Termites pose a particularly difficult problem for homes and businesses. The insects are tenacious, may be present in a structure for several years, and cause significant damage before residents are aware they’re infesting a building. Termites are experts at remaining hidden and constructing passageways that provide camouflage from prying eyes.

The professionals at Everyday Pest Control are experts with specialised knowledge that allows them to accurately detect termites, even in the earliest stages of an infestation. Depending upon the type of termite that’s present, the pests may take up residence in drier levels of a structure while others prefer places that are damp.

When home or business owners discover a termite colony or other signs of an infestation, it’s important not to disturb the site. The insects will immediately perceive a danger to the nest and relocate to another location within the building where they’ll continue their destructive habits.

Termite control Melbourne is a difficult process that requires the services of Everyday Pest Control professionals. The company’s experts are cognizant of eradication, prevention and treatment methods to eliminate termites that won’t harm people and pets. Free estimates, fixed price quotes, and humane methods has made the company one of the foremost experts on termites and all types of pest control throughout Melbourne.


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Everyday Pest Control

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