Warming the world

Hydronic home heating is used around the world and to warm retail and warehouse space, hospitals, and offices. An often overlooked usage for hydronic heating is in animal-related businesses. Those engaging in animal husbandry have discovered that the method provides a safe and hygienic environment for valuable animal assets.

Hydronic heating is becoming a popular alternative for those involved in animal-related businesses. For optimum performance, animals require heating and cooling options. Many animal agriculturalists and owners of kennels and catteries utilize huge fans for cooling that require enormous amounts of energy. Heating options often consist of energy-guzzling furnaces and similar methods that are unhygienic, inefficient and are potentially dangerous to humans and livestock.

A hydronic heating system provides the most cost effective means of delivering warmth. Systems employ a boiler to heat water that’s circulated through specially designed pipes placed under concrete flooring. As water circulates through the pipes, heat is radiated and transferred to floor surfaces. The systems can be installed in new pours and existing slabs. Hydronic systems offer efficiency levels that reach up to 90 percent.

Many individuals are choosing hydronic heating for prized pets, but the systems are especially useful for those with vigorous breeding programs. It provides a warm and welcoming environment for newborns and young, valuable animals. A warmed floor is beneficial for animals recovering from illness or injury and for optimal growth.

A hydronic system doesn’t rely on forced air to disperse heat, thereby reducing allergens in the air. It can be used to heat barns, kennels and other facilities during frigid months and for providing relief from summer’s heat. Multiple methods can be used to warm the water, offering owners a variety of options that best fits their needs and operating budgets.

From dairy and poultry farms to horse ranches and kennels, those in animal-related businesses have discovered the benefits of underfloor heating melbourne options. Hydronic heating is ecologically friendly and cost effective. An added benefit of hydronic heating is that it acts as a means of drying manure for easy transport and disposal, while reducing ammonia levels that can lead to disease.

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