Month: March 2019

Scandi Interior Design Utilises Recurring Motifs to Create Inviting Homes

Each of the major interior design styles each have their own specific elements and motifs that are commonly found within that look. One of the most popular interior design styles is Scandinavian. The term is somewhat misleading, as Scandinavian design encompasses elements common among the nordic style furniture online.

One of the most striking things about motifs is that they may be used over and over within a specific design project or they may only appear once as an accent. A common motif in Scandi design is the use of plants and splashes of green that’s representative of the value the Nordic people place on nature. That can be represented in cozy rugs, throws or lampshades with plant or leaf designs.

Scandinavian design highlights neutral colors that include shades of white, ivory, eggshell and off-white intermingled with grays, sand, charcoal or pale purple hues. The design style also favors accent motifs in bright, bold blue that’s reflective of the area’s clear blue waters.

Scandi and mid century furniture online is often minimalistic and has pieces that are multi-functional and reduce clutter. Storage space is always at a premium and Scandinavian design often utilizes unique storage options as part of the overall décor. An example of this would be a free-standing coat rack with a shelf or two at the bottom, a Mid Century and Scandi-style table for sale online, potted plant holder with a shelf underneath or a solid timber dining tables.

A common motif among Scandinavian and mid century furniture Melbourne is textiles that can serve as accent pieces that lend a warm and cozy feel. Scandi style is evolving and a new trend being seen in many professional designs is the use of the worn leather look for sofas, chairs and ottomans. The leather offers a splash of color in the warm orange spectrum that’s also highly functional, a prerequisite in Scandi design.

Scandinavian interior design is sometimes described as monochrome with a few bursts of color thrown in. Scandi-style furniture Sydney design is a pattern of decorating that utilizes warm, neutral tones with accents of blue and green. The style is one that’s calming and inviting. It utilizes recurring motifs of neutral colors, blue and green splashes of color, nature-based highlights, mirrors and natural lighting.