Ducted Vacuum Repairs – Common Problems

Clearing Ducted Vacuum system is not such a difficult task and can be quite easy. Blockage usually occurs in the first bend of the vacuum system which is only a few metres away from the inlet. We can identify this by checking if only the inlet is blocked. Sometimes the hose splits and you need a vacuum hose repair. Most of the time, you can do the ducted vacuum cleaner repairs in Melbourne or in Australia. You can try to clear the blockage in your ducted and central vacuum system in Melbourne yourself by these two easy ways.

Reverse the Suction

For some people, the concept of reversing the suction is only limited to pressing a button. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The ducted vacuum is engineered to work and push the air in only a single direction. Using the exhaust air will only result in overheating of the motor, which can cause serious damage.

The correct procedure for reversing the suction is to use another vacuum cleaner to reverse the blockage. For this purpose, you can opt for the best vacuum cleaner in Melbourne, or even your built-in ducted vacuum.

There are some important things you need to keep in mind and check before the unblocking procedure. The first step is to turn off the built-in vacuum. You may need to consult a specialist in ducted and central vacuum repairs across Melbourne. Next, you have to remove the dust collector from the unit. In case you have missed these steps before the reversing process, the dirt will be sucked into the pipe leading to a disaster.

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After all the necessary steps, you can start the portable vacuum cleaner into the wall inlet and then suck the air. This will clear the blockage; and you may even have to create a suction act (pulling and stopping) to move the trash and blockage through the pipe. You can do this by rapidly plugging in and then unplugging the hose from the wall. This can create a rattling kind of noise which can be loud, and then a stream of air which indicates the successful cleaning of the pipe.

Reversing the suction creates a completely free way for the ducted vacuum repair and clear blockage from the pipe. You can cross check your results by testing the pull of vacuum hose from the wall. If it is quite hard to pull, it means that the blockage is yet to be cleared and vice versa.

Use a Plumbing Snake

While the reverse suction works well to clear the blockage in your ducted vacuum repair, it might not always be effective if the pipe has severe blockage. For this, you will need to try a plumbing snake. A plumbing snake will loosen the blockage in the pipe and is easily available in shops for tools. It is also used commonly by plumbers to unblock the pipe as well.

You can insert the plumbing snake into the inlet which is blocked, rotate and make way through the blocked pipe especially through a bend. As soon as you are successful in lessening the blockage, suck the trash out using a machine. Repeat the process using the plumbing snake to completely unblock your ducted vacuum cleaner systems.

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